Roots Music Canada FMO (OCFF) Review

Roots Music Canada writer Andy Frank reviewed the 72-hour musical-mind gathering that was the 27th annual Folk Music Ontario (FMO, formerly OCFF). Mary Jane and Wendy made his Top 5 list of artists who left a powerful impression and nabbed Frank’s Favourite Folk In A Foreign Tongue.

“Generally, when it comes to fiddle tunes, I’m in the Wendell Ferguson camp; he often performs a song called Throw Another Fiddle on the Fire. I also don’t have any Gaelic records anywhere near my music collection. However, Mary Jane Lamond and Wendy MacIsaac’s 2013 recording Seinn is such a joy to behold, and their live performance at Saturday night’s Official Showcase was even finer. Performing as a quartet – including East Coast Music Award’s Musician’s Achievement Award selection, Cathy Porter – Mary Jane and Wendy’s set left me awestruck.” – Roots Music Canada