Special Projects

An nì nach chluinn sinn an diugh, chan aithris sinn a-màireach
(What we don’t hear today we can not tell tomorrow.)


Well, it’s been a crazy time for everyone during co-vid. I was very fortunate to have been able to work remotely and spend a lot of time with my parents before they passed. They gave me so much, my voice , security and for better or worse my sense of humour.

I was in my “happy place” to have worked remotely as a researcher on the Language in Lyrics project through Cape Breton University from 2018-2022. The final result of the project was an index detailing just over 6000 songs sung, composed and/or published in Nova Scotia.  A new project from CBU and Saint Francis University, working to improve the meta-data and web access to the Cape Breton Gaelic Folklore Collection is just beginning and will be ongoing for the next three years.

An Drochaid Eadarainn is a Gaelic website that explores the distinct aspects of Gaelic Culture in six districts of Nova Scotia. I worked with the team gathering the songs for this project



With my cousin Laurel MacDonald , Patchwork, presents folksongs in a voice, electronics and visual setting.

She Sings as She Flies , another Patchwork project brought together five women from the Mi’kmaq, Acadian, African Nova Scotian, English and Gaelic traditions to explore the work of folklore collector Helen Creighton.

Celtic Colours

I was happy to be back in person performing at the launch concerts in July for the Celtic Colours Festival and again at two concerts during the festival. So nice to make contact with other musicians and audiences

Gaelic Social learning in Nova Scotia:

Twenty years ago I wasn’t sure that we would still have a living Gaelic culture here in Nova Scotia but there have been many exciting exciting developments in social learning opportunities in the last number of years:

Bunn is Barr (Root and Branch)

Bunn is Barr  (Root and Branch) is a Master-Apprentice progeam that pairs Gaelic learners with elders. This program has resulted in many more culturally and linguistically fluent young Gaels than I could have ever imagined. Young people gathering to sing Gaelic songs together and you families raising their children in Gaelic, it warms my heart.

Na Gaisgich Òga (The Young Heroes)

Na Gaisgich Òga:  (The Young Heroes) Is a mentorship program for young people. I’ve just been invited in 2022 to participate as a mentor to three young heroines, and I’ll post updates. Videos made for the program:

Gàidhlig aig Baile

Gàidhlig aig Baile (Total Immersion Plus [TIP]) was introduced to Nova Scotia by Finlay MacLeod of Comhairle nan Sgoiltean Àraich, the Scottish Gaelic Preschools Association. Immersion courses of this type are also known ‘Gaelic in the Community’

EXCITING NEWS! Nova Scotia is home to the first Scottish Gaelic Medium School in North America. https://taighsgoile.ca/