Mary Jane & Wendy released their album Seinn on September 18, 2012 and highlights from the press include:

– 2013 Canadian Folk Music Award nominations: Ensemble of the Year, Traditional Album of the Year, Traditional Singer of the Year
– 2013 Music Nova Scotia Award nominations: Group Recording of the Year and Traditional/Roots Recording of the Year
– NPR Top 10 Folk/Americana albums of 2012
– About.com Top 12 World music albums of 2012
– KVMR 105.1FM “Music of the World” DJ’s Top Picks of 2012
– UK No Depression’s Top Albums of 2012
– 2012 Top Folk Album at Folk Alley
– WTMD Towson University campus radio in Maryland, USA selected “If You Were Mine” as one of his Top 10 Songs of 2012.
– Folk Alley declared “If You Were Mine”, one of their Top Songs of 2012.

National and International Press:

“Mary Jane and Wendy’s set left me awestruck.” – Roots Music Canada

“Mary Jane Lamond & Wendy MacIsaac album “Seinn” is destined to be a real crowd pleaser. From its stellar music and songs to its lush production, this is a fantastic and very enjoyable album that will not only appeal to fans of Scottish or Cape Breton music, but to anyone who loves great acoustic music.” – Echo

“Both Lamond and MacIsaac bring this music forth from deep in their souls, and they and their collaborators bring a great sense of fun and passion to it that comes across at every turn. Highly recommended.” – The Green Man Review

“Lamond has a gorgeous voice and an unequaled mastery of the Gaelic tongue. MacIsaac has for years been one of Cape Breton’s strongest and most reliable fiddlers. Together, they are a force to be reckoned with — a long-standing blending of talents that has continued to grow, develop and strengthen through the years … and has never failed to satisfy.” – Rambles

“Seinn is a magical elixir of melody; one shot of supple, one shot of swagger.” – Celtic Life International

“If there were two more marvelous instruments on the East Coast than Lamond’s voice and MacIsaac’s fiddle, I’d like to know about them.” – Bob Mersereau

“Two ambassadors of Cape Breton’s traditional music, singer Mary Jane Lamond and fiddler Wendy MacIsaac, romping through a set of Nova Scotian music, both melancholic songs and lively dances. Enchanting, energetic, excellent!” – FolkWorld Music

“Seinn is jaw-dropping” – World Beat Canada

“Singer Mary Jane Lamond and fiddle player Wendy MacIsaac make a fine duo as well, joining forces to bring a collection of music from Cape Breton in Atlantic Canada on Seinn an album that shares the tang of salt spray and the mystery of Maritime forests, and honors the dance based fiddle music of the place along with its long heritage of Scottish Gaelic culture. Two standout cuts are Keeping Up with Calum and Seudan a’ Chuain/Jewels of the Ocean.” – Music Road

“From old-school strathspeys to smooth jazzy jigs and rocking reels, and silvery songs sung in Scots Gaelic, this record rewards the ear from start to finish.” – Fiddlefreak

“Gaelic vocalist Mary Jane Lamond and expert fiddle player Wendy MacIsaac present Seinn, an album reflecting their love of Celtic music, Nova Scotia tradition, and Cape Breton’s cultural legacy. The rich and wondrous traditions of Highland art are given a new and original vibrancy in this superb two-woman performance that revels in the beauty of Gaelic lyrics and the high emotion of the fiddle. Highly recommended.” – Wisconsin Bookwatch

“The musical tradition of Cape Breton beautifully interpreted by two skilled custodians of note bringing their artistry to bear in a collection of fine tracks, the album includes both instrumentals and tracks sung in the Scots Gaelic dialect – Mary Jane Lamond being one the few remaining Scots Gaelic singers on the island learning and spreading the endangered language through the art of the song, her collaborator on this recording Wendy MacIsaac is recognized as one of Cape Breton’s finest exponents of the fiddle – the instrument centric to the island musical traditional.” – Beat-Surrender

“Traditonal yes, but Seinn can ignite fresh movement and reflection in the jaded.” – The Coast

“Anyone who has had the opportunity to see MacIsaac and Lamond perform together could not help but be struck by the chemistry between them. It’s as if they were born to play together.” – The Guardian

“Mary Jane and Wendy have risen above even their own remarkable careers in working together. Their music as a duo is effortlessly sublime, the inevitable next step for the Cape Breton tradition.” – Tradconnect.com

“It’s been way too long since we’ve had new music from Mary Jane Lamond. Her voice washes over you like spring rain, clearing out the darkness and cobwebs. Mary Jane and Wendy have made a beautiful collection.” – Our Roots Are Showing, KRCB Radio

“The music sings like the Cape Breton Highlands. It is bold, beautiful and paints a sweeping landscape.” – East Coast Kitchen Party

“Seinn is fresh and richly textured, with a nice variety of old tunes, new compositions, fiddle breakdowns, vocal ballads, all mixed and matched as these talented women saw fit. The album manages to capture the essence of that particular joy of musicians who really love playing together, and though the tunes span the emotional range from chipper to melancholy, it never takes that dreaded turn toward the morose.” – About.com

“A shared love of traditional music is something Mary Jane and Wendy have long held in common, and the new recording features a great balance of the traditional sounds while never fearing to try something new in composition or arrangement.” – The Inverness Oran



“Lamond remains the most innovative and exciting Celtic artist. She continues to fuse the ancient language and its beats with a modern interpretation that is all her own. The group vocals and rhythms reflect the origins of the songs, found in the daily rituals of women’s work. Then, Lamond adds just that bit of modern influence to make these tunes alive in this day.” – New Brunswick Reader

“In every culture there are those who preserve the language, song and traditions. Mary Jane Lamond is one of those people. This is evident in her most recent CD, Stòras (Gaelic meaning “a treasure”). This is exactly what our traditions are… they are our treasures.” – Celtic Connection

“Lamond’s voice is pure and clear, infused with a stream of life experience
that gives character to every song. Like the peat and the heather that gives
the highland water its flavour.” – The Daily News

United States:

“Lamond’s interpretations are conscientious and articulate, giving each song its most lucid and truest expression. The arrangements are traditional and played on acoustic instruments, recorded with great attention to detail that result in an intimate mood.” – Dirty Linen

“Stòras flows with centuries-old tunes brought to life by Lamond’s soaring acoustic band and her masterful weaving of understood emotion layered through sparkling nuances. Lamond glides from milling songs to laments to jaunty dance numbers… all retain a glimmer of melancholy, resonating long after they’re over.” – Illinois Entertainer

“She wraps traditional Gaelic songs in contemporary treatments, a veritable postmodern pastiche.” – Sing Out Magazine

“Lamond’s use of modern instrumentation and arrangements provides a beautiful framework for these treasures, but it is her vocal performance and delivery that makes these selections truly come. ” – MusicTrax

“A marvelous collection of milling songs, laments, reels and love airs. With text and tunes spanning more than three centuries, its success is largely due to the varied arrangements that surround Lamond’s warm, diction-delectable voice.” – JWR Reviews

” … it possesses a character all its own, and an adventurous and engaging spirit.” – Dirty Linen

United Kingdom:

“There’s life and emotion in all of these songs – and the consistently tasteful arrangements ensure satisfying shifts in both temp and mood. Instrumentally sparkling, the recording captures a rich, traditional acoustic sound.” – The Living Tradition

“Lamond’s haunting precious vocals, the focal point from start to finish..” – PopMatters

Òrain Ghàidhlig


” … a devoted and pure love letter to the island’s storied settlers’ heritage.” – Chronicle Herald

“Stirring and refreshingly raw, this disc is clearly a labour of love … the tradition of the Cape Breton Gaels is in safe, compassionate hands … strips songs to their tender, moving, mournful, joyful.” – Penguin Eggs

United States:

” … a completely unmediated homage to the [Cape Breton] island’s traditional music … this CD peels back the layers of her previous work and introduces her source material.” – Maine Times

Làn Dùil


” … another masterpiece of Gaelic songs and traditional stylings like reels mixed with various modern signatures. With guests like Cape Bretoners Gordie Sampson and Ashley MacIsaac, Lamond again shows she’s one of the country’s premier vocalists.” – Chapters Online

” … exotic in its exploratory melding of Inverness County tales, modern rhythms and live playing. Lamond sings with zeal, keeping the Gaelic language vibrant and current.” – Toronto Star

“Lamond has become one of the top Celtic traditional acts in Canada…” – The Guardian

“With the release of her third CD Lamond continues her artful marrying of tradition and experimentation.” – The Monitor

” … there’s something about Mary Jane… it must be her voice.” – New Brunswick Reader

United States:

“There’s no question she’s one of the finest Gaelic singers around today.” – Dirty Linen

“Lamond does a lovely job of singing the Gaelic, clearly expressing the joy and sorrow of these ancient songs.” – Eugene Weekly

” … Lamond is a splendid interpreter of challenging material.” – Chicago Tribune

Suas e!


“… impressive talent … hypnotic rock arrangements … soaring voice … rhythmically stirring whole.” – Macleans

” … astonishing and uniquely moving collection … watch for Lamond to clean up at next year’s nominations for Juno and East Coast Music Awards.” – Toronto Sun

“Her hypnotic, word-tumbling style is a wicked delight, even if you don’t understand a word.” – Saturday Night

” … a refreshing balance between modern and ancient.” – The Globe & Mail

“Celtic and contemporary make magical mix.” – The Georgia Strait

“Suas e! is a delightful listen … what the heck is in that Cape Breton water, anyway?” – NOW Magazine

“I know in my heart that no matter what I say about Mary Jane’s stunning second record, Suas e! I won’t be able to do proper justice to her talent, the creative production, or the feelings her music engenders.” – Chronicle Herald

“Aside from her wonderful voice and different collection of songs, Lamond will envelope you in an unknown world of spoken word that is at the same time familiar and welcoming.” – Pulse Niagara

United States:

“Mary Jane Lamond has one of those angelic voices that makes her sound like a star in the making.” – Los Angeles Times

“The sultry Mary Jane Lamond.” – Boston Globe

“The powerful vocal talent of Mary Jane Lamond” – Frontiers Newsmagazine

” … soothing vocals of Mary Jane Lamond emits musical magic.” – Virtually Alternative

“… eerie Gaelic crooning.” – Heatstroke

“[Lamond] is one of the best women performers singing today.” – Irish Edition

“The lure here is almost solely Lamond’s voice, an instrument of crystalline perfection that infuses fresh life into this old, old music.” – Mountain Express

” … every song is full of the harmony and emotion that makes them understandable even to people who don’t speak Gaelic.” – Friday Morning

” … her blend of traditional Celtic with pop and funk is delicious and stirring.” – Napra Review

” … luring the listener, blissfully, unconscious, to the rocks.” – SoundStone.com

Bho Thir Nan Craobh

“Strong, complex, beautiful young voice … diction gorgeous, Gaelic exquisite to the ear.” – Sing Out

“Mary Jane stunned traditional music enthusiasts with her subtle, expert readings of Gaelic folk songs on her debut album.” – United Press Intl.

“Mary Jane has great clarity and an impressive command of Gaelic.” – BBC

” … at once splendid and haunting.” – The Scots Magazine

“Clear-voiced and passionate, Mary Jane conveys a solid sense of the Gaelic culture.” – The Cape Bretoner

“Every once in a while a voice just grabs you. Mary Jane Lamond has one of those voices, rich, low, and clear.” – Yorkton This Week 

What In The World

“The band’s edgy, insistent sound and Lamond’s soulful singing more than filled the intimate Great American Music Hall.” – The Gael

“Quite simply she is extraordinary.” – Times Record

” … captivating Gaelic singer with a sinewy pop and world-beat groove.” – Boston Globe

“She sings with a clarity and honesty which demonstrate an innate understanding of this timeless material.” – Chronicle Herald

“Lamond’s voice, an instrument of crystalline perfection that infuses fresh life into this old, old music … a latter-day Gaelic diva.” – Mountain Express

“Lamond is among the leaders of this movement.” – Salt Lake Tribune

“The Record of the Month Award has to go to Mary Jane Lamond … a star is born.” – Seattle Rocket

” … this is a remarkable beast … pushing into new waters so cleverly and beautifully .” – FolkRoots

” … moving and always statuesque.” – The Guardian Review

” … casts a spell over those who hear her voice.” – Irish Post

” … excellent track selection, beautifully accompanied.” – TOP

“An album of unexpected warmth and variety … an album of the rarest kind, sounding both authentically old and excitingly modern.” – Mojo

“This CD marks an important new high in the burgeoning ‘Celtic’ musical and cultural revival … it’s a collection that will come as a surprise and a delight to lovers of Gaelic song in Ireland and Britain.” – Irish Music


“One doesn’t attend one of her performances and walk away unaffected; she’s riveting.” – The Brunswickan

“Seeing Mary Jane Lamond and her crack band is a treasure, a life-time memory, an ‘I Was There’ moment.” – The Coast

“Celtic roots and a strong, pure voice spell divadom for Mary Jane Lamond.” – Toronto Life Fashion

“Aternately soothing and commanding performances.” – NOW Magazine

“She set a formidable standard.” – Celtic Connections

“Hypnotic, haunting and so completely different.” – Niagara Fall Review

“She has remarkable range and power, and a wide array of emotions she easily projects in a song.” – The Star

“Canada goes gaga for Gaelic girl, the riveting Mary Jane Lamond.” – The Edmonton Sun

“Lamond is indeed a treasure.” – Ottawa Citizen

“The glorious Gaelic vocals of Mary Jane Lamond.” – What! A magazine

“Outstanding vocalist.” – Winnipeg Free Press

” … immaculate vocals that just send the listener into bliss, her caressing voices takes command. She illustrates why the human voice is considered a noteworthy instrument.” – San Jose Mercury News

” … haunting vocals …” – Press-Telegram (CA)

” … ethereal female vocal …” – Advocate (CA)

“Vocalist Mary Jane Lamond can handle any material.” – Fantastic Voyage

“Lamond can certainly – and does – reduce the stately Princess of Wales Theatre to a community hall in the best sense of the word.” – The Toronto Sun

“A rich and compelling, capable voice.” – Times Globe

” … exceptional talent …” – Ottawa Sun

“Effortlessly picking precise notes from the air, Lamond enchants listeners.” – Pulse Niagara

” … a refreshing balance between modern and ancient.”  – The Globe & Mail

“Effortlessly picking precise notes from the air, Lamond enchants listeners.” – Niagara Weekly

“Her hypnotic, word-tumbling style is a wicked delight, even if you don’t understand a word.” – Saturday Night

“Aside from her wonderful voice and different collection of songs, Lamond will envelope you in an unknown world of spoken word that is at the same time familiar and welcoming.” – Pulse Niagara

“Celtic and contemporary make magical mix.” – The Georgia Straight

” … Lamond’s alternately soothing and commanding performances.” – NOW