Òran Luaidh

(A milling song from Lauchie Dan N. MacLellan)

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This is a fragment of what was probably a much
longer milling song from the late Lauchie
MacLellan(Lachlan Dhòmhnuill Nill). Lauchie was a
wonderful tradition bearer and I have recorded many
songs from his repertoire. This song is published in Dr.
John Shaw’s book of Lauchie’s songs and stories, Brìgh
an Òrain. This is a milling song in which the young man
climbs to the sheiling to find his sweetheart only to
discover that she is betrothed to another. As in many
milling songs the chorus consists entirely of vocables.
I was particularly attracted to the jaunty melody!

"Early in the morning I arose.
I climbed the sheiling of the cattle…”

Hoirean ò hi ri ìthill iù
Ho ro hiu ro éileadh
Hoireann ò hi ri ìthill iù

Moch ‘s a ‘mhaduinn rinn mi éirigh,
Dhirich mi àirigh na spréigheadh,
Fhuair mi a’ chruinneag dhonn gun éirigh,
Ach ma fhuair, cha d’fhuair mi réidh i,
S’ ann a bha i ‘n dheoghaidh réiteach,
Le toil ministeir na cléireadh,
Ghabh mi gaol air fios gun fhios ort.

Òran Luaidh
(A milling song from Lauchie Dan N. MacLellan)


Early in the morning I arose
I climbed the shelling
I found the brown haired maiden not yet risen
Although I found her I didn’t find her prepared
She had become engaged
With permission from the minister of the clergy,
I gave you love without your knowing.