East Coast Kitchen Party Reviews Seinn

Wendy MacIsaac and Mary Jane Lamond prove music has no language barrier. Their new release Seinn is a genuine display of their love of Nova Scotia traditional music. They share their gift with others when they perform.

Mary Jane Lamond captivates with her Gaelic vocals. There is no exaggeration in a new release describing them as “mesmerizing.” Wendy MacIsaac’s fiddle adds joy, along with other musicians’ expert delivery of guitar, piano, accordion, cello, and even a whistle when it suits the moment.

The record fuses Roots arrangements with a traditional presentation, capturing the enjoyment and fun that Mary Jane and Wendy have together on and off the stage.

Mary Jane and Wendy have both been recognized internationally for their solo music careers, and Wendy has been Mary Jane’s steadfast comrade in the presentation of her music for many years.

The music sings like the Cape Breton Highlands. It is bold, beautiful and paints a sweeping landscape.

by East Coast Kitchen Party