About.com picks Seinn for their Best 12 World Music CDs of 2012

2012 was a great year for world music, but really, almost every year is a good year when it comes to world music. About.com has put together their list of the Best 12 World Music CDs of 2012, and Mary Jane and Wendy’s Seinn is among their favourites:

“This spritely recording came to us from the fertile musical ground of Cape Breton Island, where traditional Celtic music has been kept alive for many generations. Among the torchbearers of the legacy are singer Mary Jane Lamond and fiddler Wendy MacIsaac, for whom this is the first collaboration, though the two have been friends and accomplices for years. Seinn is less about pushing any boundaries than it is highlighting the patina of an old sound (though some of the tracks do add some nontraditional percussion and arrangements, which is fun), but these musicians are strong and capable, and the music sounds better than ever.”

by Megan Romer, About.com