World Music Album to Benefit Refugees

Intersound Records to Release a World Music Album
to Benefit Refugees

NASHVILLE, Tenn – Intersound Records, in conjunction with Crazy Baby Records, has announced the August 22, 2006 release of the world music album “VOYCES UNITED FOR UNHCR,” a compilation which will provide funds and additional public support for The United States Association for UNHCR (USA FOR UNHCR).

The album, four years in planning and development, was compiled by
Crazy Baby Records and its President/Artist Joalby. Already released in
Eastern Europe as a 2 CD set, Intersound has selected what it feels are the
strongest 14 tracks for the album release in North America. All of the participating Artists on the album are donating their sales royalties to USA FOR UNHCR, as is the Licensor of the tracks, Crazy Baby Records. Intersound will also donate a portion of their sales revenues to the Association.

Participating Artists include Universal Music Poland’s Alicia Janosz,
winner of Polish Idol and a mainstay on many international charts; South
Africa’s chart-topping Matt Allison; Bulgarian Dyana Dafova, whose current
album “Charisma” is in release in 25 countries; Universal Music Canada’s
Mary Jane Lamond, best known for her hit “Sleepy Maggie;” Natasha Atlas, a
major star in both France and England; the United Kingdom’s Xanda Howe;
American Idol semi-finalist Candice Coleman; and the British group White
Town, whose 1997 single “Your Woman” achieved Gold status in 9 countries.

USA FOR UNHCR raises awareness and support for the UN Refugee Agency’s
Nobel Peace Prize-winning work through fundraising, education, and public
advocacy. UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, protects over 19 million people worldwide in 116 countries whom have been forced to flee their homes due to war or persecution. UNHCR provides refugees in such countries as Sudan,
Afghanistan, and Bulgaria with shelter, medical care, and where needed,
asylum or resettlement.