Ready to start learning?

This week Mary Jane Lamond is in Wisconsin for the Milwaukee Irish Festival. And what is extra great is that she is teaching a class . It’s called Sean-nós song. The easiest way to describe it is through good old fashioned Wikipedia …

“Sean-nós singing is a highly-ornamented style of solo, unaccompanied singing defined by Tomas Ó Canainn as:

…a rather complex way of singing in Gaelic, confined mainly to some areas in the west and south of the country. It is unaccompanied and has a highly ornamented melodic line….Not all areas have the same type of ornamentation–one finds a very florid line in Connacht, contrasting with a somewhat less decorated one in the south, and, by comparison, a stark simplicity in the northern songs…[1]

This is going to be a wonderful workshop and we hope that everyone enjoys it!